Nuclear option: The developing world weighs energy needs and security risks

29 de março de 2012

Over 45 countries that do not use nuclear power today are seriously considering its adoption; of these, 37 are classified by the World Bank as developing nations. Moreover, four developing countries — Bangladesh, Belarus, Turkey, and Vietnam — are expected to begin construction on nuclear facilities over the upcoming years. This vast potential expansion in the developing world's nuclear capacity raises tricky questions about proliferation, plant safety, and cost.

Brazil's Gilberto Jannuzzi, Malaysia's Shahriman Lockman, and India's P.R. Kumaraswamy tackle the question: "How can nuclear power for economic development be made available to developing countries without increasing the risk of nuclear weapons proliferation?"


IEI Director is taking part on this roundtable. Follow this discussion at The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.