Universal access to energy: Getting the framework right

17 de setembro de 2012


Universal Access to Energy: Getting the Framework Right

Improving access to affordable and sustainable energy services is absolutely central to broader development efforts to reduce poverty, and improve education, health, gender equality and environmental sustainability. This Special Report is dedicated to the 1.4 billion people across the globe who lack access to electricity (85% of whom live in rural areas), and the 2.7 billion people (approximately 40% of the global population) who rely on solid fuels for cooking and heating.

In light of the above, and given its capacity as the lead development organization of the UN, UNDP is pleased to support the publication of this Report: “Universal access to energy: Getting the framework right”. The fundamental premise of this Special Report published by Elsevier is to provide a series of analytically informed papers focused on key issues associated with energy access for the poor. This report is the unique outcome of collaboration amongst experts focused on addressing key issues emanating from Africa and Asia, two regions of the world where lack of access to energy cripples the daily lives of the poor.

This supplemental issue is freely available on ScienceDirect.

Free access supported with a grant from United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).