IEI Latin American Office
CEP 13073-300
Av. Barão de Itapura, 2294, cj. 81,
Jd. Guanabara

Campinas - São Paulo - BRAZIL
Tel.: +55-19-3249-0288
Fax: +55-19-3249-0288
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International Energy Initiative (IEI)

This is the web site of the Latin American Regional Office of the International Energy Initiative.

What is the International Energy Initiative?

The International Energy Initiative (IEI) is a Southern-conceived, Southern-led and Southern-located South-South-North partnership. It is a small, independent, international non-governmental public-purpose organization led by internationally recognized energy experts, and with regional offices, staff and programs in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Visit our global site at

What is the Latin American Regional Energy Initiative?

The Latin American Regional Energy Initiative (IEI-LA) is the regional office of IEI located in the city of Campinas (State of Sao Paulo, Brazil) whose activities are focused to Latin America, but we also are engaged actively in several global energy analysis and international studies.

What is IEI’s Mission?

To build local capacity and analysis, and to engage locally and globally, so as to promote energy for sustainable development.

Who is behind the International Energy Initiative?

The Board of Directors comprises:

  • Chairman: Thomas B Johansson, University of Lund, Sweden
  • President: Sribas Bhattacharya, Retired Professor, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
  • José Goldemberg, University of São Paulo, Brazil (currently São Paulo State Environment Secretary)
  • Stephen Karekezi, African Energy Policy Research Network, Kenya
  • Amulya Reddy, Retired Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India (in memoriam)
  • Wim Turkenburg, Utrecht University, Netherlands
  • Robert H. Williams, Princeton University, USA

supported by

  • Executive Director & Board Secretary: Gilberto De Martino Jannuzzi, University of Campinas, Brazil
  • Board Treasurer: Eric Larson, Princeton University, USA


The IEI Regional Offices:

  • Asia:

Director: Antonette D’Sa

Regional Energy Initiative – Asia,

International Energy Initiative (IEI),

# 80-B Spencer Road, 2nd Cross,

Fraser Town, Bangalore 560 005


[Tel/Fax: +91-80-353 8426]


  • Latin America:

Director: Prof Gilberto M. Jannuzzi

Av. Barão de Itapura, 2294, cj. 81, Jd. Guanabara

Campinas – SP BRAZIL

CEP 13073-300

[tel/fax: +55-19-8119-1974]


Assistant to the Director:

  • Rodolfo Gomes, M.Sc.

Research Associates:

  • Dr. Conrado A. Melo
  • Dr. Paulo Santana