Copper contributions to fight climate change

2 de novembro de 2012

IEI-LA concluded in the end of 2012 the study "Copper contributions to fight climate change". Commissioned by PROCOBRE (Internacional Copper Association – ICA) this study resulted in a publicly available report published in three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Technological innovation of electric equipment and devices have produced significant improvement concerning energy-efficiency gain, which, on its turn, have an enormous potential for environmental gain in Greenhouse Gases (GHG) mitigation. These innovations are, in many cases, directly related to application of additional copper.

This study objective was to evaluate the contribution of using copper, and the consequent increase in energetic efficiency, to fight climate changes. The study intended to diagnose and account for the impacts of CO2, the main Greenhouse Gas (GHG), mitigation in selected Latin America countries, considering: a) the use of more efficient technologies into electrical equipment manufacturing, b) the use of solar water heaters, and c) electricity generation by renewable sources, as wind, biomass, small hydropower plants (SHP), and solar photovoltaic. Furthermore, an evaluation was developed for the potential impact of an improvement in losses' reduction of distribution transformers.