IEI Newsletter No. 1, March 2004

1 de março de 2004

International Energy Initiative Newsletter )

 Number 1 March 2004



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Dear reader,

You are receiving the first issue of the International Energy Initiative-IEI Newsletter. This newsletter is produced by our Latin American Regional Office. We hope you enjoy it.

Gilberto M. Jannuzzi, Executive-Director, Internatinal Energy Initiative


This is the first issue of the IEI Newsletter, and in fact it re-launches an old information project E-News supported by IEI years ago. E-News was one of the very first electronic bulletin produced and distributed via internet about energy and sustainable development focussing projects and events lead by energy analists in developing countries.

E-News was produced out of the University of Campinas with IEI's support during 1993 up to year 1996. It also featured a discussion forum for its subscribers, which peaked at about 200. At that time most subscribers were from India, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Australia, UK, France, Thailand, Canada, Holland and South Africa. Some old issues are still available online at

This new version incorporates the changes in format, technology and also the much greater availability of information existing today. We wish to disseminate in a very concise manner information about main activities, ideas, reports and our mission and commitment towards energy for sustainable development.

The IEI Newsletter wishes to inform interested readers about news and events conducted by IEI regional offices in Latin America, Africa and Asia. We hope this can be an important and reliable source of information to you.

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IEI's Energy for Sustainable Development Journal (ESD)
Established in May 1994, IEI's Energy for Sustainable Development Journal (ESD) is meant to be a vehicle of communication between Northern and Southern energy actors on the energy goals and policies as well as with energy plans and projects in developing countries. It also aims to promote South-South interactions to tackle these problems.

The latest issue is about coal gasification for China and can be downloaded from the IEI' homepage.



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South-South-North Partnership Project
IEI-LA (the Regional Office of the International Energy Initiative) is a partner in a triangular exchange programme which seeks to strengthen human capacity and develop a long-term cooperation among organizations from the South and from the North. The programme involves other two organizations namely Tanzania Traditional Energy Development and Environment Organization (TaTEDO) (Tanzania) and Sweco Gr?ner (Norway).

The project is financially supported by the Norwegian government agency Fredskorpset and started in February 2003.



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Energy Technology Foresight Exercise in Brazil
The IEI's Latin American office is participating in a national Delphi exercise whose aim is to give support and recommendations for prioritizing energy Research & Development (R&D) investments in Brazil.

The Delphi exercise is conducted by the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT) and coordinated by the Centre for Management and Strategic Studies (CGEE). It is part of a long-term strategy launched in August 2002 by MCT to acquire relevant information for the country's energy planning formulation.



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Energy Efficiency Standards for Domestic Appliances
The general objective of this project is to support the Brazilian energy efficiency law in elaborating the technical aspects and introducing minimum limits of energy efficiency for the domestic electrical appliances. In particular, this project evaluates one-door refrigerators and domestic air conditioners.

The present analysis is based on Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) methodology that consists of applying statistical and economic engineering approaches to analyze environmental and economic overall impacts.



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Rural Energy Services: village-based schemes
IEI's Asian office in India is carrying out two projects on electricity and water supply in rural villages.

One project is about a questionnaire being drawing up to assess the present and near-term future energy needs in rural villages, taking into consideration the assessment of other generating systems based on local energy sources. The other project seeks to increase the utilisation of the water/energy supply system in one village in order to deliver other energy services.



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Clean Cooking Options: LPG in the near term
IEI's Asian office is considering the use of 'cleaner' cooking fuels in the domestic sector as a short/medium- term option for domestic use in India.

IEI has been studying the requirements for and barriers to families shifting to LPG. Demand scenarios have been projected, based on estimates of an average family's requirements and selected growth rates of the number of families.



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Energy Efficiency Improvement in Industrial Boilers
Over the past decade, IEI has been promoting the improvement of energy efficiency in various sectors.

The Asian office is now looking at on-line fireside cleansing treatment of heat exchange surfaces in industrial boilers. The objective is to remove, without shutting down the equipment, the deposits formed by the combustion of heavy fuel oil, coal or refinery gases, increasing heat transfer and, therefore, the energy efficiency.



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