Sustainable Energy Solutions in North and South

21 de janeiro de 2008

About the Project

This is a triangular exchange for knowledge and experience on renewable energy for a long term cooperation among organizations from the south and from the north. It involves three organizations namely International Energy Initiative (IEI) (Brazil), Tanzania Traditional Energy Development and Environment Organization (TaTEDO) (Tanzania) and Sweco Grøner (Norway). The project is financially supported by the Norwegian Fredskorpset and it started in February 2003.

Specific Objectives of the Project are:

  • to expand possibilities of new markets within respective fields of work of the partners,
  • to strengthen human capacity in relation to work and experience in international oriented markets, and
  • to contribute to sustainable development through improved generation and use of energy.

IEI sees the partnership as a part of the organisation's efforts to initiate, promote, strenghten and advance energy for sustainable development, which balances economic efficiency with social equity and environmental sustainability. On the other hand, TaTEDO and Sweco Grøner contributes in improving rural energy access situation, environmental conservation and international markets experiences respectively.

More news on the project…

For more information on the project and participants activities in the host organizations, please contact:

Prof. Gilberto Martino de Jannuzzi (Brasil),
Jonas Sandgren (Norway),
Estomih N. Sawe (Tanzania),